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Using Social Media Scheduling to Grow Your Social Media Presence

November 03, 20235 min read

In recent years, social media has become an important part of our lives. Currently, nearly 61% of the world's population uses at least one social media platform to research products or services, read reviews, or interact with other people. With this figure expected to rise to 73% by 2027, using social media to increase your brand awareness, connect with potential customers, generate more leads, and boost your revenue sounds like a very good idea. After all, many of your potential customers may already be active on social media, which means you have a greater chance of getting more sales as soon as you add social media to your marketing strategy.

While there are several software solutions you can use to manage your social media marketing, post scheduling is one of the most important tools out there. Why? In a nutshell, with a social media scheduling tool, like the one we offer as part of our Blitz Software Solutions suite, you can simplify the creation, publishing, and promotion of your social media posts. To get the most out of our social media planner, let’s take a look at its features and how it can help your business.

The Top Features of Our Social Media Planner

The main purpose of our social media planner is to allow marketers and small business owners to develop and schedule social media posts on the most popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, and TikTok. Here are its main features:

  • Social media account integration – Our social media planner enables users to integrate multiple social media accounts and manage everything from a single dashboard. Once all of the social media accounts you intend to use are integrated into the system, you can schedule your posts in bulk by simply selecting the icon(s) of the channel(s) you want your posts to appear on.

  • Manual content creation, AI integration, and CSV file support – Our social media planner allows users to create their own posts or, alternatively, generate them using AI. If you choose to create the posts yourself, you can still use the built-in AI functionality to improve the quality of your content, check it for spelling and grammar errors, and even adjust the length of each post to match the maximum character limit specific to each social media platform. Once you create a post, you can publish it immediately, schedule it for later, send it to a content manager for approval, or delete it. Our tool also lets you upload a CSV file with all of your content and create multiple social media posts at once.

  • Social media planner templates – Our social media scheduling tool also includes a template library, which makes available a collection of pre-designed templates you can use as is or customize to better fit your brand.

  • Multimedia format and file size support – For an effective social media strategy, it is very important to know exactly what kind of image or video format you need to post on each social media platform. Since our planner supports multiple types of media, you can experiment with different image and video formats, file sizes, and aspect ratios to finally select the ones that work best for your brand. Our planner also allows you to upload different images and videos together in the same post, or use a different image or video for each channel. Please note that LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google My Business only support one image or video per post.

  • Content calendar – Our content calendar provides a succinct yet comprehensive overview of all the posts scheduled for all the accounts. Whether you choose the weekly or monthly view, the calendar will display an excerpt of the post for each day, along with the featured image, the social media accounts it is scheduled for, and the day and time it will be published.

  • Easy social media post and account management – With our social media scheduling tool, users can view all of their social media posts or go through their scheduled posts, failed posts, posts saved as drafts, posts sent for approval, and recurring posts. In addition, you can easily connect or disconnect any social media account by accessing the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard.

Now that you know the main features of our social media planner, let's find out how they can benefit your business. In short, our social media scheduling tool can help you:

  • Save time – Scheduling all of your posts on all of the social media channels you use simultaneously and in advance can save you a lot of time, as you no longer need to log in and out of multiple accounts each day to post your content.

  • Stay organized – Whether you choose to post twice a day, every other day, or once a week, our software solution will publish your posts at the scheduled date and time. 

  • Reach your target audience at peak times – Scheduling allows you to post on social media at peak times (even when you’re not around) and reach your potential customers when they’re most likely to engage with your content.

  • Generate more leads, attract customers, and drive traffic to your website – Giving your followers a reason to visit your social media business pages on a regular basis is important when trying to attract and retain customers. For instance, if you run a boat charter business that offers daily discounts and last-minute deals, you can schedule relevant social media posts to go out at the same time every day. That will give potential customers a reason to check your pages and interact with your posts and website every day.

Using our social media planner to schedule your posts in advance is an awesome way to free up time, which is such a precious commodity these days. However, the secret to a truly effective social media marketing strategy lies in finding the right balance between automation and manual participation. No matter what social media management tools you use, make sure you’re also actively monitoring the conversations and reacting when needed. After all, responding to comments, even if it’s a simple “Thank you!” or an emoji, can go a long way toward gaining the trust and loyalty of your audience—which is the most important reason why you’ve developed a social media marketing strategy in the first place!


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